Who Is Squatch

I founded this company because through my years in the automotive industry, I have found many people struggling to properly maintain their cars. Simply because they just can’t find the time between all the stresses of life, work, classes, family time, and much needed mental decompression.

I wanted people to be able to live their best lives without having to put car maintenance on the back burner. Let’s face it, when your car goes down, those stresses intensify.

With Squatch Mobile Automotive Repair, your day goes uninterrupted. You can keep on going down the road. I strive to provide you with quality car care on a time that is convenient for you. Leaving you with one less thing to worry about, and your attention on other priorities.

Honesty runs heavy in my values, and is just as prominent in my company. I will always greet you with a neighborly smile, and a firm handshake. You will never have to worry about outrageous charges and fees. Only recommendations that I can physically show you, and never have to worry about dishonest upselling.

I hope to become a regular face in your neighborhood that you will always be happy to see. 

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